In August 2017, my grandmother, aunt & cousin were displaced when the three-family home they share caught fire ( You can imagine how terrifying it was to learn that in moments we could have lost so many dear family members. Thankfully they were not harmed, but many of their cherished keepsakes and some pets were lost.

Our mission is to preserve moments in time for you and your family. Please sign up for my photo session fundraiser on September 30, 2017! Coming up in the next months you'll be looking for that perfect holiday card photo or perhaps photos of your high school senior. 

1. Time slots can only be reserved with a non-refundable 50% deposit. Please email or text me to set up a time: [email protected], 203-610-0694.

2. Sessions are $99 per sitting. All sessions are approximately 45 minutes. Date: September 30th.

3. After your session, we'll set aside a mutually convenient date to chat about what size prints will work best in your home, view a slideshow of your images & view some samples of available products.

4. All participants will receive a "thank you" gift from Dawn Kubie Photography. :D

5. You will receive beautiful art for your walls & treasured family photos for years to come!  

Price list: 


                        5x7 and smaller:                                                                       $ 20    

                        8x10                                                                                        $ 70

                        8x11                                                                                        $ 75

                        8x12                                                                                        $ 80

                        10x13                                                                                      $ 100

                        11x14                                                                                      $ 110

                        12x18                                                                                      $ 120

                        16x20                                                                                      $ 140

                        16x24                                                                                      $ 160

                        20x24                                                                                      $ 180


                        2.5" Gallery Wrap Canvas:

                        8x10                                                                                        $ 220

                        11x14                                                                                      $ 260

                        16x20                                                                                      $ 280

                        16x24                                                                                      $ 300